Local Officers and Stewards are here to support you! We are all volunteers who offer confidential, one-on-one guidance to help you navigate life at Mohawk, the rights of our Collective Agreement, and union activities.

Thinking of becoming a Steward? We’d be happy to meet with you and tell you more. Email us at info@opseu241.ca.

Office Hours

As of March 16 2020 the office has closed due to COVID-19. Email info@opseu241.ca to connect with a Steward.

Union Stewards by Campus

Need assistance? Connect with a steward at your campus or email info@opseu241.ca

IAHS McMaster Campus

Tara Bristol (Full-Time)

Stoney Creek Campus

Andre Brouillette (Full-Time)
Karen Finucane (Full-Time, Centennial Parkway)
Melissa Mellor (Full-Time)

Fennell Campus

Karoline Fox (Part-Time)
Greg Gagnon (Full-Time)
Paula Golding (Full-Time)
Deborah Konig (Full-Time)
Jason Kovacs (Full-Time)
Tanya Kowalewicz (Full-Time)
Susan Lau (Full-Time)

Local Officers

President: Tracey-Ann Prokipczuk
Vice-President: Steven Mikalauskas
Secretary-Treasurer: Melissa Mellor
Communications Officer: Deborah Konig (Acting)
Full-Time Unit Steward: Susan Lau
Part-Time Unit Steward: Karoline Fox (Acting)

Office Address

135 Fennell Ave W
Room A006A
Hamilton, ON
L9C 0E5