Welcome to OPSEU!

Congratulations on your employment at Mohawk College! All Support Staff are part of OPSEU Local 241, including student employees.

Officers and Stewards are here to help you navigate life in the workplace and our Collective Agreement. We offer confidential, one-on-one guidance for any questions or concerns.

The strength of our local comes from you and our fellow members. Our members

  • Vote on proposals and elect Local Executive team members at General Membership Meetings.
  • Attend conferences and educational programs, with expenses reimbursed and child care offered.
  • Take advantage of OPSEU discount programs for Bell Mobility, VIA Rail, and popular attractions.

Step 1: Become a Member. Sign your Form!

While you’re covered by the collective agreement, OPSEU membership isn’t automatic. There is not cost to become a member.

  • Signing your membership form makes you a Member in Good Standing.
  • Every signed member increases the amount of funding our Local receives.

Download the membership form (PDF) and return it to a Steward at your campus, by e-mail to info@opseu241.ca, or send it by interoffice mail to Fennell Campus room A006A.

Step 2: Get your Collective Agreement

The Collective Agreement is the contract between OPSEU and the Ontario Colleges that details our rights and entitlements as employees. Everything from leaves of absence, vacation days, rates of pay, dispute resolution, and more. The Collective Agreement is a valuable and powerful source of information.

You can download your collective agreement and request physical copies.

Do you have questions about your collective agreement? A Steward at your campus can assist you.

Step 3: Attend a General Membership Meeting

The easiest and most effective way to take part in the union is to join us at a General Membership Meeting.

At GMMs, our members discuss and vote on matters of our Local. Amendments to our local bylaws, our operating budget, accepting new stewards, and nominating attendees for OPSEU conventions. Members are always encouraged to bring issues and proposals forward to a Steward that may be discussed at a GMM.

GMM announcements will be posted on the Next GMM info page and sent college-wide by e-mail announcement. GMMs are held a minimum of two times per year and are announced at least 14 days in advance. Our meetings are held during common hour on a Wednesday and food is always provided!

Get Involved!

If you want to take a step beyond attending meetings, OPSEU offers opportunities for you to get involved and help support our members and coworkers. OPSEU event attendees can have expenses such as travel, childcare, and accommodations reimbursed.