We’re happy to share that a whole bunch of members were on campus wearing their blue shirts, showing support for our Part-Time bargaining team. Many were even happy to show their support by sending in a photo:

Why were people wearing blue shirts?

Union members were wearing blue shirts to show support for our CAAT-S Part-Time (PT) Bargaining Team.

As you may know, Bill 124, which previously capped our wages at a shameful 1%, was declared unconstitutional in November 2022. This significant court decision, activated our wage re-opener clause and paved the way for renegotiations. Our PT Bargaining Team reconvened with the CEC (College Employer Council) on Wednesday, October 18, 2023.

The team went into this meeting prepared to make the case for addressing the soaring cost of living and advocating for a wage increase that reflects the escalating costs we all face.

If you missed the chance to show support with the colour of your shirt, you can still show support by engaging with the Local, learning more about the renegotiation, and talking about these things with your co-workers. The more informed we all are, the easier it is to stand together.