Welcome to OPSEU-SEFPO Local 241

Welcome to OPSEU-SEFPO Local 2412023-08-11T15:09:25-05:00

Congratulations on joining us at Mohawk College! All Support Staff (including student employees) are part of OPSEU-SEFPO Local 241.

Stewards and Officers are volunteers who can help you navigate a unionized workplace, our Collective Agreements, our rights as workers, and the tools available to us.

Get started with the union in three easy steps:

Step 1: Become a Member. Sign your Membership Card!

Fill out your membership form online. You will receive access to the OPSEU Member Portal, and a membership card will be mailed to you in 4-8 weeks.

All Support Staff are covered by a collective agreement, but OPSEU membership is not automatic. There is no cost to becoming a member.

Signing your card offers member-only benefits:

  • It makes you a Member in Good Standing and entitles you to OPSEU-SEFPO and Local 241’s support.
  • It makes you eligible to vote on proposals and in elections for Local Executive team members at General Membership Meetings.
  • It increases the amount of funding our Local receives to support our operations.
  • It makes you eligible for strike pay in case of a labour interruption or strike.
  • It gives you access to OPSEU’s member discount programs (new window).
  • You can attend conferences and educational programs, with expenses paid and child care offered.

Step 2: Get your Collective Agreement

A Collective Agreement is a joint contract between OPSEU-SEFPO and the Ontario Colleges that details our rights and entitlements. Everything from leaves of absence, vacation days, pay rates, dispute resolution, and more. It’s a valuable and powerful source of information.

Download your Collective Agreement. Contact us if you have questions!

Step 3: Attend a Union Meeting

Our local hosts General Membership Meetings (GMM) and informal Town Halls throughout the year. Attending one is the easiest way to participate in the union with fellow workers.

At GMMs, our members discuss and vote on matters of our Local and get informed on recent news. Members are always encouraged to bring issues and proposals to a Steward that may be discussed at a GMM.

We do our best to advertise upcoming GMMs to reach as many members as possible.

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