What is a less than 12-month regular part-time position?

Less than 12-month positions are continuous (do not have an end date) but are not scheduled to work all 12 months of the year. They are entitled to all articles of the part-time collective agreement.

For example, a less than 12-month position may be scheduled to work from August to May and be “laid off” in June and July.

A less than 12-month employee

  • Cannot be laid off for more than 4 months in any employment year.
  • Continues to maintain and accumulate seniority and service while laid off.

What articles cover less than 12-month positions?

These sections of the part-time collective agreement cover less than 12-month positions:

  • Letter of understanding – Less than twelve (12) months positions
  • Article 2.1 regular part-time employees