What is a PDF?

All full-time positions have a Position Description Form (PDF). The PDF is a standardized document detailing the job’s aspects and duties.

PDFs contain 11 factors, each detailing the aspects and duties of a position. Based on the content of the PDF, each factor is assigned a point rating. The total point rating value determines the position’s payband.

How do I get a copy of my PDF or Point Rating?

You can request a copy of your PDF and point rating in writing to your manager at any time. The college must provide you with a copy within ten days (article 7.2.1)

My PDF needs updates. What do I do?

PDFs should be reviewed regularly, ideally during annual performance reviews. If your PDF needs updates to reflect the position’s duties accurately, start by meeting with your manager to discuss it.

I have questions about PDFs.

If your manager cannot address your PDF questions, contact a Local Officer.

PDF Mythbusters

Did You Know?

  • You should review and sign your PDF upon hire and during annual performance reviews for your records and to be kept on file with HR.
  • You can request a copy of your PDF and points rating sheet from your manager at any point. Article 7.2.1 in the Collective Agreement gives you the right to request and obtain both documents.
    • HR/Management has 10 business days to provide you with these documents.
  • Keeping your PDF up-to-date and accurate is an important way to ensure you are fairly compensated for your work and helps avoid “role creep” and additional responsibilities.
  • Some members worry that updating their PDF may result in reclassification that reduces their pay.
  • Reclassifications that result in decreased pay can go through the classification grievance process (according to Article 18.5).

Is your PDF out of date? Here’s the process you should follow:

  1. Request your PDF and Points Rating Sheet from your manager (cc: HR). The Points Rating Sheet is a key document to understanding how your position was graded on the pay scale. You can and should request to review it to help yourself and your Union Steward to analyse your PDF.
  2. Review your PDF for any out-of-date examples of responsibilities or missing information.
  3. You may wish to collect information (if you can) from other similar job postings that you see at the college (or other colleges) that may be helpful language to use.
    1. Remember that your PDF should accurately describe your position as it is.
  4. Meet with your manager to discuss examples of your duties and how you think they should be updated. Don’t forget to send a follow-up email summarizing your conversation!
    1. There are specially trained Union Stewards who can review with you! Get in touch with us to request support!
    2. Providing clear and detailed examples of your regular and recurring duties is important to the points rating system.
    3. The most heavily weighted sections are the Analysis & Problem Solving, Independence of Action, and Communication factors.
  5. Your manager should submit a new PDF to HR for review. This may include reclassification (i.e. pay band/pay scale rating).
  6. If you are unsatisfied with your (new) pay classification, request the new points rating sheet (if not already provided).
  7. Meet with your Union Steward to review.
  8. If you are not satisfied with the contents of your PDF or classification calculation, submit a grievance.

Important Notes About Classification Grievances:

Grievances are an important tool for the Union to support members in improving working conditions.

  • Classification Grievances have a separate expedited process, which still takes several months. Speficially-trained arbitrators exclusively on College Support Staff PDF grievances!
  • If awarded in your favour, you may be entitled to back-pay to the date you submitted your grievance.
  • The Points Rating Sheet is a key document to understanding how your position was graded on the pay scale. You can and should request to review it to help yourself and your Union Steward to analyse your PDF.

Need some help talking to your manager about your outdated PDF? Here is a chart to help you get started:

How would you describe your job?
(Point form, including all major duties and frequent minor duties)
What is no longer relevant in the PDF?
(Make sure you can update this information accordingly)
What duties have you been assigned that should be included in an updated version?
(Provide real-life, detailed, complete examples)
Example 1
Example 2
Example 3