What is a project of a non-recurring kind position?

Also known as a PNRK position, these positions are defined in the part-time collective agreement and are created to fulfill the needs of a specific project.

PNRKs are contract positions that:

  • Can be up to 12 months in length.
    • A written agreement between the Local and the College can extend a PNRK contract over 12 months.
  • Work from 35 up to 40 hours per week.

These sections of the part-time collective agreement cover less than 12-month positions:

  • Article 2.5: Definition of Project of a Non-Recurring Kind Employee
  • Appendix 2: Detail of rights and entitlements for PNRK employees

What Collective Agreement Articles apply to PNRK employees?

Appendix 2 of the part-time collective agreement details the rights of PNRK employees. No other provisions will apply unless stated in Appendix 2:

  • Ontario Human Rights (Article 3.3)
  • Harassment (Article 6)
  • Union Matters (Article 7)
  • Overtime (Article 9.5)
  • Wages (Article 10.1)
  • Shift Premium (Article 10.3)
  • Holidays (Article 13)
  • Vacation Pay (Article 14.1)
  • Bereavement Leave (Article 15.2)