What is a student employee?

These sections of the part-time collective agreement cover student employee positions:

  • Article 2.4: Definition of a student employee
  • Appendix 1: Detail of rights and entitlements for student employees

Student employees are defined in the part-time collective agreement as students occupying positions only made available to current students of the College. Co-op students in an educational training program are excluded (Article 1.1)

Which Collective Agreement Articles apply to student employees?

Student employees are only entitled to these Articles. No other provisions will apply unless stated in Appendix 1:

  • Ontario Human Rights (Article 3.3)
  • Harassment (Article 6)
  • Union Matters (Article 7)
  • Overtime (Article 9.5)
  • Wages (Article 10.1)
  • Holidays (Article 13)
  • Vacation Pay (Article 14.1)
  • Bereavement Leave (Article 15.2)