Workers in Ontario have had enough.

  • We’re fed up with low wages, sky-high rent, and bills we can’t afford
  • We’re fed up with attacks on our health care system and crumbling public services.
  • We’re fed up with the rich getting richer, while workers struggle to make ends meet.

When workers come together, we can win. That’s why, on June 3, we’re taking it to the streets.

Here’s how to get involved:

1.    Find an action on Saturday June 3rd near you here

2.    Join us for a sign making party at the Hamilton Regional Office-Thursday June 1st 5-7pm at 505 York Blvd.

3.    Take part in the rally and march at Gore Park at noon on Saturday June 3rd province-wide day of action.

For more information check out Enough is Enough Day of Action-OFL

 We need to step up and make our workplaces better, hope to see you there!