Meet the Full-time Support Staff Bargaining Team. Find out how the bargaining process works and how to get what you want in your collective agreement.

The FT Bargaining Team will be offering three upcoming information sessions to all CAAT-S members across the province.

They will be sharing thoughts on the next round of bargaining, as well as some recommendations that locals might want to consider. There will be an opportunity to answer questions or concerns from the members directly. We hope that these sessions will be helpful and educational.

Below are the registration links for the lunch and learns. They are not the links to the meetings. Once people register, they will receive the link to the meeting. Please do not share the meeting link with others once you receive it, since we have a limited number of spots and want to ensure everyone that registers can join.

Wednesday, December 15 at noon
Wednesday, December 15 at 5pm
Tuesday, December 21 at noon

We encourage all FT members to join. These meetings will shape how we do bargaining and how we engage our members in the process.