It is vitally important for all Support Staff complete their membership forms. If you’ve never completed the form, can’t remember if you did, or you have changes names/addresses, please submit a form today.

How does being a signed member benefit me?

  • You confirm your OPSEU membership and will get an OPSEU member card. Membership is not automatic!
  • You become eligible for strike pay in the event of a labour interruption.
  • You become eligible for member discount programs.
  • You become eligible to vote at Membership Meetings or run as a candidate for an elected Local position.

How does being a signed member help our local?

  • Each signed member increases the per-member funding our local receives from OPSEU central.
  • When we reach a certain percentage of signed members, the Local President or Vice-President will be allowed to use “Release Time” and do work for our Local on a full-time basis. All Local officers and stewards are volunteers, but release time wages are reimbursed with no loss of income.

How do I complete my membership form?

  1. Download the membership form (PDF)
  2. Fill in highlighted fields.
  3. In lieu of a written signature, you must send your completed form to us from your personal, non-work e-mail address to

We are immensely grateful to all of our members, who have lent us their time, efforts, and voices during an unreal time. You are the source of our Local’s strength and determination.