Full-Time and Part-Time Support Staff at Mohawk College



Who Are We?

OPSEU Local 241 is proud to represent all of the Support Staff at Mohawk College. Our members provide vital support to the college at all levels and are a huge part of what makes Mohawk #1 in the GTHA.

What Do We Do?

Officially, we make sure that our members rights, be it legislative or through their collective agreement, are respected and upheld. How that looks is different for every situation. More than that, we are here to support our members, share information, answer questions, and sometimes just listen.

How Do You Get Involved?

An important part of being in a union is being an active member. This could be attending meetings, discussing and voting on issues, bringing forward concerns, and/or becoming involved with the local as a Steward or Officer. Your voice is important as is being informed on the issues that affect you and your colleagues in the workplace.

If you want to become a Steward, or know someone you think would make a good Steward, please feel free to contact us. There are lots of resources for Stewards and OPSEU offers educational weekend sessions on many subjects. Expenses for attending educational weekends are reimbersed by both OPSEU head office and Local 241. We have also provided some of the resources below


Collective Agreements

Full-Time Support Staff
Part-Time Support Staff

OPSEU Constitution and Manuals

Policy Manual
Owners Manual
Union Basics

GMM Meeting Minutes

Seniority Lists

Full-Time Seniority List (coming soon)
Part-Time Seniority List (coming soon)

Local 241 Documents

Proposed Local 241 Bylaws
Membership Application Form
Membership Change Form
Expense Claim Form (coming soon)

LEC Meeting Minutes

Yearly Meeting Attendees

Regional Meeting (May 3rd - 5th 2019)


Greg Gagnon
Steven Mikalauskas
Paula Golding


Tracey-Ann Prokipczuk
Alan McKee


No observers where elected.

OPSEU Convention (May 22nd - 25th 2019)


Greg Gagnon
Steven Mikalauskas
Paula Golding


Tracey-Ann Prokipczuk
Karen Finucane
Alan McKee


Tanya Kowalewicz

Full-Time Divisional Meeting (October 2019)


Greg Gagnon
Steven Mikalauskas
Paula Golding


Tanya Kowalewicz
Alan McKee
Tina Frederiksen


Tara Pledge


Office Hours

Typical office hours for Local 241 in room A006a at The Fennell Campus are:
Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday: 8:30am - 4:30pm
Tuesday: 2:00pm - 4:30pm

We do have hours at The Stoney Creek Campus on a weekly basis, outside the Tim Hortons, every Tuesday: 9:00am - 12:00pm.

Office hours do sometimes fluctuate based on the needs of the local. If you come to our office hours and nobody is available, please contact us and we will set something up to meet with you.

We are working on a more regular schedule to visit some of our other locations. If you would like someone to come out to your location for a visit, meeting, or just a chat, please contact us and we will arrange something.

Our goal is to be more visable at all our campuses so the membership gets to know us better and we get to know the membership better. If there is any way you think the membership could be better engaged by the local please contact us.


  Mohawk College Fennell Campus Room A006a
135 Fennell Avenue West
Hamilton, ON
L9C 0E5

  (905) 575-1212 ex 3554



President: Greg Gagnon
Vice President: Steve Mikalauskas
Treasurer-Secretary: Paula Golding
Unit Steward (Full-Time): Tara Pledge NEW
Unit Steward (Part-Time): Graeme Douglas NEW


Tanya Kowalewicz (Full-Time) NEW
Alan McKee (Full-Time) NEW
Melissa Mellor (Full-Time)
Tracey-Ann Prokipczuk (Full-Time)